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· Quality consciousness
· ISO - 9000 Quality management system's standard basic training
· ISO - 9000 Quality management documentation training
· Internal auditor training


· Statistical process control
· Cause and effect diagrams
· Problem solving techniques
· Metrology and calibration training
· Quality cost training


· Total quality management training
· ISO - 14000 Environmental management system training


· Group training in company
· Training for individual
· Specifically organized training according to company needs


General Information About Training Activities    

  Our company with the objectives of continuous education and continuous progress has been working with its highly experienced and expert staff since the establishment of the company.        

The company has trained the personnel of many other companies in many sectors of business, about the subjects enlisted in the document. Such training programmes have also been supported by different KOSGEB (Small and Medium Scale Industries Development and Support Organisation) Centres.        

After the training programmes organised within the company and training programmes which are open to public, there are tests depending on the type of the training. Participants may get the success certificate or attendance certificate at the end of these training programmes. Any person who has more than half day absenteeism to the training programmes can not get any certificate.         

Our training programmes are for Twenty participants, but depending on the demand bigger classes may be scheduled. If the room at the company is not sufficient for the training programmes for attendance with big numbers the possibilities to have the training at the facilities of KOSGEB, Chamber of Commerce or Chamber of Industry will be used.

         For the Encouragement Funds of State if there is a demand, the training programmes are scheduled and necessary documents and information are given to the companies.

         Some special training programmes like Lead Assessor Training, Training on AutoCAD Applications (Two and Three Dimensions), Training on MS Windows and MSOffice advance applications and English Language programmes are also organised by our company. Detailed information about these programmes can be gathered from our management.  


Acknowledgement Seminars  S-00
Basic Quality Concepts Training  S-01
ISO-9000:2000 Quality Management System Standard Training  S-02
ISO-9000:2000 Quality Management System Documentation Training  S-03
Internal Auditor Training  S-04
Statistical Process Control Training  S-05
Metrology and Calibration Training  S-06
Quality Cost Training  S-07
ISO-14000 Environment Management Systems Training  S-08
Total Quality Management Training  S-09
Problem Solving Techniques Training  S-10
QS-9000 Quality System Requirements (QSR) Training  S-15
QS-9000 Quality Systems Assessment (QSA) Training  S-16
QS-9000 Advanced Product Quality Planning  (APQP) Training  S-17
QS-9000 Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Training  S-18
QS-9000 Statistical Process Control (SPC) Training  S-19
QS-9000 Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) Training  S-20
QS-9000 Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) Training  S-21
HACCP Basic Training  S-25
HACCP Hazard Analysis and HACCP Plans Training  S-26
OHSAS 18001 Training  S-30
ISO/IEC 17025 Training On General Requirements For the Sufficiency of Laboratories  S-31
Training On European Union Directives (CE)  S-35
Training  On Patent and Trade-mark Registration  S-36
Training On Effective Customer Satisfaction  S-37
Training On Human Resources  S-38



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