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Murat Onder 

            He got his Bachelor’s degree from Middle East Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1976. He served as an engineer in Turkish Atomic Energy Authority for fifteen years. He got his Master’s Degree on Nuclear Engineering from  Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur. He also enrolled to the Master’s Programme on Administration in TODAIE (Turkish Middle East Institute on Public Administration). He is working as an inspector in Turkish Loyd and he is the chief executive officer in Ypek Management and Quality Consultancy Ltd. He is a member of TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Alumni Society of METU, Alumni Society of IIT – K, Alumni Society of TODAIE, and Mustafa Kemal Gençlik Vakfy (Mustafa Kemal Youth Foundation)

            He is an ISO 9001:2000 lead auditor, HACCP lead auditor, QS 9000 internal auditor. He has a second level certificate on Radiographic Tests (non-destructive testing).

            Freelance inspection services, Quality Management Systems, Nuclear Power Plants, Thermal Power Plants, Machinery and Industrial Production are his fields of expertise.

 Prof. Dr. Fuat Onder

            He got his Bachelor's degree from Ankara University, Department of Geological Engineering in 1976. He got his PhD from Southampton University, U.K. in 1982. From 1982 until 1993 he has served in Cumhuriyet University in Sivas as an Associate Professor, from 1993 onwards he has been serving as a Professor in his field.

            He has conducted many duties as consultant in his field and as a manager in the field of education. He is a member of British Micropalancontological Society (BMS, England), Pander Society (Ohio, USA), TMMOB Chamber of Geological Engineers.

He has been awarded with many scholarships, and he has over forty publications in many journals in Turkey and abroad.

            He is working as an instructor and as a consultant currently.* Personel Web Page

Ayca Unal

            She got her Bachelor’s degree from Middle East Technical University, Department of Metallurgical Engineering in 2001. She is currently enrolled in the Master’s programme in the same department.  She is a member of the TMMOB Chamber of Metallurgical Engineers. She had attended training programmes on ISO 9000 Quality Assurance, ISO 9001 Supply of Information FMEA, Cost Reducing Techniques, Increasing Productivity, Problem Solving Techniques and Communication Techniques.

            She has served as an inspector for the Turkish Loyd on inspection of main shaft of ship, inspection of panels and cables.

            She is working as an assistant inspector in Ipek Management and Quality Counselling Ltd.

Necdet Onder

            He graduated from Ankara University, Academy of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Turkey. He has worked as an executive in Agriculture Credit Co-operative Central Union,  and Sise Cam Glass Factories Soda Industries  for eleven years. He has been working as a financial consultant for more than twenty-one years.

            His fields of expertise are business establishment and development, human resources, accounting and consultancy.

            He has been working as general manager currently.

Ayfer Onder

            She had graduated from Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemistry in 1982. She had done her M.Sc. and Ph.D. in the same department. She served as an assistant in METU for four years.  She also worked for the Turkish Development Bank as a Project Evaluation and Feasibility engineer for sixteen years. She is currently working as consultant.

Onur Önder

            Onur Önder graduated from Middle East Technical University Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. Currently enroled in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering master program. He is woking as consultan and inspector in Ipek management & Consultancy Ltd. Interests : welding engineering, non-destructive testing, metal-manufacturing industry.

Ahmet Ünal

            He had graduated from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Engineering Departmant Physics in 2007. He had done his probation in Numune Hospital.  He is currently working as consultant.



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